3 Tricks to Make Your Meals a Bit Healthier

Here are 3 simple tricks that can jump-start your healthy lifestyle.

1. Use smaller plates.

People are so used to filling up their plates to the fullest. That might not be a terrible thing, but our plates are huge! If you use a smaller plate, your portion size will be a bit more controlled and you will still be satisfied!

2. At least 50% veggies.

The vast majority of people fill up their plates with carbohydrates. To make a shift to that, commit to filling a minimum of half of your plate with vegetables. In this manner, you will consume nutrient dense foods and curb a portion your carbohydrate intake.

3. Drink Water with Dinner.

What you drink with your meal is just as important as the food you eat. The majority of Americans drink soda, lemonade, sweet tea or juice with each meal. If you are an avid soda or juice drinker, commit to only drinking water during dinner.

As simple as these tricks may be, applying them in your everyday life, will make an impact.

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