All families are assigned a Registered dietician (RD).
We will perform a Nutritional Analysis, Health Risk assessment and a review of current eating habits.

Then a 90-day Nutritional Plan will be made for the entire family.




The RD will meet the families at the grocery store, and teach them how to shop!
Learn how to read labels, stick to your shopping list and your budget.

We will turn your fist shopping trip into a fun and educational family outing!




To keep the families engaged, we have a series of workshops and fitness classes.


  • You and Food
  • Your Potential, The Best You
  • The Three Steps
  • Family Strategies
  • Hurdles and Obstacles
  • Nutrition: What to Eat and Why
  • Nutrition: Foods and Disease
  • Family Forums





These activities will keep the families engaged and also provide a more thorough program to help make the transition as easy as possible.

At the end of our program, the families will receive a Certificate of Healthy Living. Our goal is to provide an easy transition into a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. We want to honor the families for completing the program. Therefore, we will create community partnerships to provide our families with opportunities to continue their healthy lifestyles.