COVID-19 Grocery Assistance Program:

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COVID-19 has created many financial and food insecure households. EBLB is focused on the food crisis caused by this pandemic and is delivering healthy groceries to families in need while providing nutrition guides and healthy recipes. EBLB also aids in filling out online forms for SNAP benefits as well as other applications. As part of our coronavirus relief effort, each family receives 2-weeks of healthy groceries. All families we serve have children, and some of those served are senior citizens that have been pre-screened to receive our services.

Donations are used to purchase bulk groceries, produce boxes, printed nutrition guides and family activity calendars. Donations also cover the cost to deliver the groceries directly to the doorsteps of families in need. The average cost to serve a family of 4 for 2-weeks is $50.00.

Many families have endured hardships due to COVID-19, and the stories we hear are heartbreaking. “Mommy/Daddy I am hungry,” is the last thing a parent wants to hear after they were let go from their job due to COVID-19.

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  • Groceries delivered to assist families without access to transportation
  • Nutrition guidance provided to help families reach health goals
  • Caring relationships fostered during trying times
  • Help provided in terms of securing SNAP benefits, unemployment, and filling out job applications

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