EBLB offers NEW and supplementary classes where healthy cognitive associations and interactivity are taken to the next level: experience Dining Etiquette + Healthy Food Tasting.

Research and hands-on practice has made us aware that many children have never seen, tasted, or heard of many of the healthiest available food items. EBLB representatives will actually take fresh fruits and veggies to groups of children on location. When combined with memorable lessons on dining etiquette, this event will certainly turn into a full-fledged experience of nutritional learning, interactivity, and fun.

Our representatives make the effort to incorporate everyday life skills into the healthy and experiential setting. Notable skills include, table manners, setting the table, and even napkin placement. According to industry research on learning, ~70% of children exposed to an experiential learning method express more positing general attitudes towards their learning in comparison to children who are exposed to other methods alone.

Ask us about setting up an unforgettable experience at your location today.

, Dining Etiquette & Nutrition