A Full Fridge = Sense of Security

As a child, do you remember coming home from school, opening your refrigerator and seeing it packed with food? How did you feel? Happy? Excited? Secure?

Now…think back to how excited you were when your mom walked in the house with bags full of groceries.

You may not realize the emotions behind a full refrigerator until you become the child who comes home from school and opens up an empty fridge.

Can you imagine how that child who is opening the doors to an empty fridge must feel? I am sure that child is filled with tons of insecurities.

It’s not surprising that a full fridge adds a sense of security to a household, especially for children. A full refrigerator not only shows the child that they will be fed and that they are rooted, but, it is almost acts like a security blanket for the house. In a very subtle way and creates a sense of belonging and security.

Many parents neglect their refrigerators and turn towards drive-thru and take-out as their only source of nutrition. Filling your refrigerator with healthy foods, will not only provide a sense of security for your children, but will also encourage healthy eating habits and provide opportunity for more quality family time. This could be one of the most significant and influential adjustments that a parent could make for their household.