Nutrition can be used to feed disease…or to fight it.

EBLB created this workshop to teach your team the following:

  • How to read nutritional labels
  • Healthy snack and meal ideas
  • What foods trigger different diseases
  • How proper nutrition can improve production in the workplace
  • Work ergonomics
  • Tips for making healthier food choices
  • How nutrition impacts the community
  • How to become advocates of healthy eating
  • How bullying and medical conditions are directly related to nutrition
  • Plus more!

These workshops were designed by a Registered Dietician (RD), Psychologist, and a Fitness Trainer. We combined the knowledge of these 3 professionals into a half-day workshop that will give your team the adequate knowledge to become healthier and more productive at work. Furthermore, we also teach your team how to become advocates of healthy eating for their families and the community.


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