“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

When a person goes to the doctor to treat illness, disease, auto-immune disorder, allergy, mental illness or even rash, they usually receive a prescription. Whether administered in liquid or pill form, topically or orally, people are taking pharmaceuticals at an alarming rate. BUT…where do all these pharmaceuticals come from? The answer is plants! Most pharmaceuticals, weight loss products, and homeopathic medicines are derived from plants. It is truly interesting that plants are the basis for so many medications across the world.

What is also interesting is that a plant-heavy diet can provide a boost to personal health and prevent many diseases from ever happening. It is said that 90% of Americans are not eating enough healthy vegetables while at the same time 7 out of 10 of these individuals take prescription drugs that they often don’t need. It should be no surprise that American’s are getting sicker and sicker.

Great news! The population is actually becoming more health conscious, and healthy lifestyle choices are the new trend. Plant-based diets and fitness programs are also hot topics these days. Healthier menu choices and high-tech apps that track personal food intake are popping up all over. That being said, it’s your turn to get on the healthy lifestyle band wagon.

Drawing parallels/contrasts between healthy eating (preventative medicine) and pharmaceutical treatment is an extraordinary discussion. Plants provide humanity with an abundance of unique gifts (healing factors, nutrition, anti-inflammatory chemicals, calming agents, and more). Plants are an essential element in a healthy lifestyle.

Let food be thy medicine.