Programs Summary

Eat Better Live Better is improving nutrition for children and fighting childhood obesity and diet related health conditions. In conjunction with online content, EBLB provides age appropriate and game-changing curricula that is interactive, effective, and that kids of all ages love! Youth retain the nutrition information that we provide, and they look forward to learning.

  • K-5 – Young children build nutritional knowledge and a strong desire to eat healthy
  • Teen – Youth learn leadership skills and how to eat healthy
  • Healthy Advocacy Workshops – Participants build expertise and learn to eliminate unhealthy habits for themselves and for others

Anticipated Outcome and Impact

Understanding nutrition is critical in order to be able to eat better and live better. A major portion of the EBLB offering is focused on enabling children to make healthy food choices by empowering them with key facts and knowledge.

We are passionate about providing the skills and tools that children need to create and maintain a lifelong habit of healthy eating.

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