Summer Snack Time

Wait! Put the soda and cookies down! There are so many healthy, quick and inexpensive snack ideas that are both nutritious and delicious. Whether you are 5 or 55, eating healthy, refreshing, and flavorful snacks is important.

Here are 3 fresh fruit snacks for everyone to enjoy!

A primary “go-to snack” will always be fresh fruit. Strawberries, pineapples, apples, bananas, grapes, papaya, watermelon, are absolutely refreshing. Kids love bite sized snacks, so be sure to cut the fruit into little bite-sized pieces for them to enjoy.

Frozen mangos and other fruits are always a great alternative to popsicles. Peel and cut mangos into slices, separate with wax paper, seal in a container or a ziplock bag and freeze. These make for great poolside snacks!

Soft serve banana icecream is also super easy to make and tastes delicious! Peel and slice bananas and freeze them. Stick them in the food processor and blend them until their consistency is similar to that of frozen yogurt. Feel free to add cacao powder, peanut butter, frozen blueberries or strawberries to make different flavors.

Here are 3 great snack ideas that include avocados!

Avocado toast is quick and fun, and it can also be made into bite-sized pieces for the little ones. All you have to do is purchase some whole grain bread and toast it. Add avocado, tomatoes, corn, sprouts, cucumbers or other fun veggies as toppings and enjoy!

Avocados and salsa are quick, delicious and add a little spice to your summer snacks. Take a whole avocado and cut it in half. Remove the pit from the avocado and fill it with delicious salsa. Now all you need to do is grab a spoon and enjoy!

All of these snack ideas are perfect for the summer. By replacing unhealthy popsicles, icecreams, and other snacks with healthy/delicious options, you will have the opportunity to Eat Better and Live Better.