How to Teach Your Child to Drink Water!

There are a few ways to encourage your child to drink water.

1) Just make them drink it! Stop offering juice. Stop offering soda. Just give them a glass of water and tell them that water is their only option. (Eventually they will drink it)

2) At dinnertime give your child an option to choose either desert or juice/soda. By doing this, you will automatically lower his/her sugar intake and most kids will choose to eat desert (so they will actually drink the water). This re-trains the children to drink water before eating sweets in the long run.

3) If your child usually drinks juice or soda, allow him/her to consume one glass only after he/she drinks a glass of water. Furthermore, do not allow a refill until your child drinks another glass of water. Chances are, your child will be so full after the glass of water, that he/she won’t be thirsty for more soda or juice after that.

4) For the grown-ups – I have a trick to help you drink more water. Buy a gallon jug and mark it vertically with a permanent marker. You will be marking it with different times of the day. Each time will indicate the amount of water you should have already ingested by that time. It helps you stay on track and reach your daily water goals.

3 out of 4 Americans have chronic dehydration. Please teach your children the importance of water so they can help lower these statistics. Our goal is to instill a healthy lifestyle on children, families and businesses! Remember…Healthier children, are proven to be more attentive, happier and become more productive in society as adults.