City of West Palm Beach Park and Rec department

Hi, my name is Frank Verney and I am the after-school director at Coleman Park Community Center with the City of West Palm Beach Parks and Recreation Department.

I met Debra Tendrich through a mutual friend about bringing a nutrition program to my center. I have been looking for a program to help me educate the children about healthy eating and Debra Eat Better Live Better program was just it. It is not easy to teach nutrition to my kids because of the environment they live in but Debra did it. She taught each lesson with a passion and purpose and made sure the children learned about nutrition in a fun way. They played games, made art projects and even danced all in the name of nutrition. Debra got along with each of my kids so much, that when they saw her coming they would drop what they were doing and run to her. As a person who is a picky eater and doesn’t eat as well as I should, Debra offers help and advice in a way that it’s not forced nor pushed. Debra makes wanting to eat better and live better a fun thing to do and not a chore.

Debra now is helping my center with a project that is dear to our heart and that is our garden. Debra is finding sponsorships to help redo our garden and make it a part of our center and community again. The children and staff will be attaining a 2-part workshop where we will learn how to grow and maintain our garden. We have been trying to find someone to sponsor our garden project for a while and Debra is making this a reality. We are so looking forward to having our garden back and using it to feed our children and community. I am truly excited to continue the partnership between Debra’s Eat Better Live Better and Coleman Park. We look forward to continuing Debra’s mission in teaching the children about nutrition and ways to eat better.

Frank Verney | After School Director.



I am following up to let you know that the Future Leaders 2018 budget does not include pizza. Your presentation influenced that decision. In addition, what the youth said on that day lead to healthier meal like Publix subs and wrap. I want you to be aware that you are making an impact and we are listening and appreciate the work that you are doing in the community.  – Gregory Gabriel, Planner PBC Youth Services Department


Eat Better Live Better has been a great addition to the programming at West Palm Beach PAL Debra has given our kids great information on living a healthier life style. Our teens enjoy her fun approach to nutrition and have shown increased interest in eating healthier. – Police Athletic League


 I am delighted to have been asked by Debra Tendrich, founder of Eat Better Live Better, to write and present workshops to educate participants of her program on various aspects of the impact of psychology and emotions on eating behavior.  My workshops are designed to support participants in developing healthy patterns with food and eating.

Along with an experienced and qualified nutritionist, I presented EBLB workshops at a community center in West Palm Beach. During these workshops, I observed the positive impact of the EBLB program on its participants.  The audience was highly focused on the information offered, eager to learn and engaged.  The receptivity and energized involvement of the participants in the workshops further proved the value and necessity of the EBLB vision of helping children and families prevent and overcome obesity.

I whole-heartedly support Debra Tendrich’s commitment to helping children and families develop empowering skills and philosophies toward healthy eating through the EBLB Foundation.

– Diane Abdo, Psy.D. | Clinical Psychologist



Debra’s passion for this cause is quite apparent. She is looking to help children eat better and remove this as a cause for bullying. – Robert Weinroth, Council Member City of Boca Raton



I’ve lost 8 pounds. My pressure had been elevated, now it’s back low which is where it used to be. 100/80. You probably added an extra 10 years to my life and prevented me from being on medication. Thank you for teaching me. It’s easy now. I don’t even what all that bad stuff – though I still each chocolate covered almonds. Thank you Debra. – Anonomous