Youth Athletes and Nutrition

We all know kids love to play sports, but it is our responsibility to ensure that their bodies are properly fueled with good quality foods. There are tons of fun and tasty meal and snack ideas that would benefit our youth athletes better than fast food and processed meats. Let’s give our future healthier meal options to ensure a long and healthy life.

Consuming junk foods and drinking energy drinks are two of the worst habits that young athletes have. Most athletes believe they can eat anything want because they are “in shape” and don’t understand the effects that nutrition-less, sugar packed and processed foods have on their bodies in the long run.

The model diet for a young athlete would be a well-balanced diet bursting with protein, produce and complex carbohydrate choices. A food regimen full of complex carbs will act as the main fuel source. The protein will support physical growth, development and build and repair body tissues. Moderate to low amounts of fats will guarantee readily available calories from the carbohydrates and lean proteins. Water is also another essential part of a player’s diet. Making sure the body is fully hydrated should definitely be a priority! Balancing the diet along with eating quality foods that are not processed will fulfill the essential vitamin and mineral needs.

Let’s get our young athletes to eat better and live better!