Healthy Advocacy

Everyone is promoting healthy communities and healthy families. From small businesses to large corporations and small cities to the entire County, health and wellness is a main topic for discussion.

There is one hiccup in the totality of this situation…who actually knows how to be healthy?

The answer is the majority of the people preaching healthy community, have no idea how to be healthy themselves!

People in general cannot read nutritional labels, do not understand the ingredients they are cooking with, or what each food is classified as. Some people really think that carbohydrates are the little bubbles in soda!

It’s time we step up and power our communities with the adequate knowledge of health and nutrition so we can break this terrible cycle, that we as a nation, are on.

Education is a key element in creating healthier communities and there is no better place to start than with our teachers and community leaders. If we arm them with the proper knowledge and tools, in turn, we will create healthy advocates for our community. This is the only way we can break the cycle and lead by example.

We all must eat better to live better!